is a top-tier 4G mobile proxy service that offers high-quality IP pools from Romania, Europe.


100% Dedicated: No sharing among customers! Unique 4G SIM card & device for every user with fresh and clean IP.
API IP Rotation: On-demand, with a time interval of 5 minutes. (Lower time interval can be offered as well)
Unlimited Data: No restrictions, unlimited usage. (*fair usage)
Full Private Connection: No tracking or data leaking.
Multiple Protocols: HTTP(S) and SOCKS5 protocols available.
Authentication Options: IP whitelisting or username & password authentication.
Location: Romania, Europe. More EU locations will be added in the future.


• $50/month
• Discount is available for bulk purchases

Payment methods:

• Paypal
• Crypto

Delivery time:

Our delivery time typically ranges between 12 to 24 hours from the receipt of payment, sometimes even sooner.


• 12 hours free trial for EDOLLAREARN members. Simply reply “Free trial” in the thread and I will PM you with details


• 10% Discount for EDOLLAREARN members. Reply with "Discount needed" in the thread and I will send you the discount code via a PM.


• Skype: live:.cid.b9b9c5e8594fc616
edollarearn PM

Refund Policy:

We guarantee a full refund if the delivered service fails to meet the claims or promises made.