There are many of you still do not know the benefits of outstanding accounts Business Manager (BM) compared to the general account. Today I will write an article for you to better understand the advantages of BM.
Just as you use anti-virus software. Imagine a free and a paid version that copyright. Account with the account usually BM it like that.
The advantages of BM Account:
-Account senior dealer account is authenticated and granted FB
-Priority ad approval
-Ability to Reach high, stable
-No payment error
-Text Unlimited (Running camp all items)
-Get support directly from the technical team FB
-Tk TK immediately issued new Die
Common problems when running normally account? Advertising on Facebook is not as easy as people might think, for business owners, organizations and individuals doing business on Facebook, the common problems are:
-Accounts ads are not spending much money as needed to increase revenue?
-Run unstable or error
-Take time to overcome
-Accounts ads with low coverage, getting traffic, limited app downloads?
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