Getting online content to go viral is just about any Internet Marketerís dream. You create something and it gets spread all over the Internet by other people. Within the content is some type of plug for your online business. So, everyone who sees the viral content automatically sees the plug for the online business, though itís not seen as marketing by most people that see it. This is the ideal situation but itís not easy to get content to go viral. To help with this, here are 3 tips for viral marketing.

1. Focus on the Audience:

The first of the 3 tips for viral marketing is to focus on the audience. You need to think about exactly who your potential customers are. Then you need to design your product (that you want to go viral) specifically for those people. Concentrating on a specific audience will help your chances of actually getting the product to go viral.

2. Make it Easy to Share:

The next tip for viral marketing is to make it easy to share. This sounds like a no-brainer but a lot of times it isnít made clear that something can be shared and how to share it. So make sure everything you create makes it clear that it can be shared and how exactly to share it.
If itís a video you can include a way to share the video once the video is over. If itís an eBook then make it clear the eBook can be shared at the beginning and the end of the eBook. Whatever you might want to go viral, make sure you let people know that they can share it and how they can share it. And make sure you make it very easy for people to share.

3. Forget about the Money:

The last of the 3 tips for viral marketing is to forget about the money. You donít want to directly ask for money anywhere in the viral content. Direct people to a site where you can then ask them for money. Donít come close to making it seem like what you are doing is advertising or marketing. If you do then nobody will share what you created.