Recently there has been a great deal of dialogue about viral marketing from a number of authority figures like Glen Allsopp. That’s because viral marketing is an excellent tool to ensure you get tons of newly targeted traffic to your website or blog.

What Is Viral Marketing?
Viral marketing is a way to get people to talk about your business and spread your message freely, not because they are being coerced but because they want to. Here’s an example. You create a great post on Facebook. Your followers love what you posted and they begin to share that with their friends, who also love it and share it with their friends, and on it goes….. Before long you have this unimaginable reach that tells the world what you have to offer – you’ve gone viral.

Word of Mouth is Still the Most Powerful Form of Advertising
Over the years, we’ve seen a lot of change in the way we market our products and services. But at the end of the day, word of mouth remains very powerful. We can just accomplish this a little different in today’s world. We do it via social media.

Viral marketing relies a great deal on ‘word of mouth’ to be effective. There’s an unlimited amount of traffic out there that you can tap into with the right message. This is the most effective way to create a ‘buzz’ around your products/services.

Advantages of Viral Marketing
There are all kinds of advantages to using viral marketing. Let’s have a look at a few of those advantages.

#1 It’s cheap – many times it’s completely free. In some cases, you’ll have some initial setup costs, which are inexpensive. It depends on what traffic techniques you are going to use, but once you have things, set up you’ll have no costs to worry about.

#2 It’s Quick and Effective – Viral marketing works almost instantly and it is incredibly effective. You will get tons of traffic to your site and they will promote what they see, and the spread of that information goes viral quickly. You’ll be shocked by the numbers in just a 24 hours period.

#3 Reveals Hidden Customers – You can bring to your website potential customer that you might not have even considered. Targeting the correct visitors to what you offer is the toughest part of any marketing campaign. Viral marketing is powerful in that it continues to spread amongst people and within that spread will be hidden customers you would never have gotten any other way.

Viral marketing is an incredibly powerful tool that you should put to work for you right away. Your website will enjoy the benefits with an increase in targeted traffic that can translate to an increase in sales.