You need not have a headache when writing article headlines. Article headlines, when written correctly can give you immense benefits such as more traffic, more leads and more money. That being said, letís dive into some great essentials for writing good article headlines.

Catch your audience. Your headline has to be bold and flash and not the boring old statement that everyone else has. Try some quirky title or something that excites emotions in people who are searching for information.

Optimize for SEO. I canít stress how important this is Ė Especially on blogs, websites and article submission. Use key words or key phrases (well researched using keyword tools), of course. Keeping good SEO practices will give a snowball effect of traffic in the long term.

Keep congruency. Basically, whatever stuff you put in your headline must tally with the content of your body. Nobody likes being mislead because you are using up the precious time of your readers whom have short attention spans, so make sure that the content you provide rocks.

No spelling errors. Make sure to check your grammar, typing and general flow of your title to see that nothing is messed up. If youíve got an error in your title, Google will pick that up and punish you with less traffic.

Donít be too sale-ish. Whenever you try to sell something, people will automatically set up their defensive shields. You donít want that to happen until your sales page (at least). That being said, keep your title neutral and focus on providing benefits or solving problems rather than selling straight on.

In short, keep to these tips and youíll be safe from lack of traffic and leads and money which you deserve.