Article writing can be a fun way to create tons of traffic for your website or blog, and you can get tons of benefits from that such as fame and fortune, if your articles are really good of course. But if you make these following silly mistakes, you’ll be punished by either not having your articles approved by article directories, Google slapping or trolling from readers.

So here’s the list of article mistakes to avoid:

- Too many grammatical, spelling, and punctuation errors. That’s right, the simple mistake of wrong spelling etc can cause your article to be labelled as “low quality” and either won’t get approved by article directories or be punished with poor SEO points.

-Too much hard sell, bragging and self-promotion. Obviously, people read because they want their problems solved. You are not doing them any justice by wasting their time with blatant promotion so make your articles count!

-Incongruence of article headlines and body content. It is highly important that whatever you say in your headlines, you produce in your body text. You have to train your readers to respond to your offers accordingly.

-Overkilling on the keyword density. Ideally, for keywords or key phrases you are target, keyword density should be no more than 2%. Anything over that will cause you to be punished by the Almighty Google because your article will come off as “spam” and you’ll get much less SEO points.

-No call to action. The call to action is the most important thing besides the headline which is used to get people’s attention. It doesn’t have to be selling something, but can also be things like asking them to comment on your article or sharing it with their friends.

Stick to these brilliant words of advice, you’ll be swimming in traffic in no time!