Article marketing is the bread and butter of internet marketing, where a person can draw massive passive traffic by submitting through various methods.

The first most common way to draw traffic is by submitting articles to articles directories such as Ezinearticles. The articles are usually 300 words and above and must adhere to stringent quality guidelines before being approved.

Each of this article will come with the authorís resource box, where the author is allowed to place a link down below which is usually a self promoting link such as a link to a landing page or blog. The more highly targeted your article is for keywords that people are searching for, the more traffic you will get because your article would be more easily found.

The other way is through SEO or search engine optimization. Basically, you write articles or blog posts which are optimized for Google search engineís spider crawlers to make it easier for them to spot and detect pages which are highly relevant to the niche.

SEO is a skill that can be learnt and applied to your online business to give your articles that extra traffic drawing juice. The purpose of SEO is to get your website on the top of Googleís search engine.

The best thing about article marketing is, itís totally free. You donít have to pay a single cent to draw traffic although some article marketing directories allow you to pay a premium fee for your article to be featured on top of their website (something like advertising).

In short, itís a useful skill every marketer should know about! Especially perfect for marketers who are on a shoestring budget. One more thing to note is that it takes time for article marketing traffic to come into fruition so patience is very important.