Article submission to high traffic volume article directories such as EzineArticles and GoArticles can be great for generating new leads for your business. If done correctly, you can have a lot of new leads for your business. Pay close attention to these tips so that your articles will be approved fast!

-Relevant Links. Whether you're putting links in your article or your Resource Box, each one you include in an article submission needs to be related to the topic of that article. Each link should add value to the information that you provide in the article. If it doesn't add any value and it's not relevant to the readers, find another link.

-Title Grammar - Does the title make sense? Read it aloud to be sure. The title has to capture the attention of potential readers. If it doesn't make sense because it's missing a word or it doesn't read well, do a rewrite.

-Keywords in the Title. Reading the title aloud will also force you to evaluate your use of keywords in the title. Check that you've hit the delicate balance between too many and too few keywords.

-Special Characters in the Title - Review this blog post to see which special characters are allowed and which ones you should be leaving out of titles.

-Name/Brand in the Title - Leave out your name and your website from the title. It isn't an appropriate place to self-promote. But not to worry, people will know that you wrote it because your name will appear in the byline of the article under the title.

-Keyword density. Make sure you donít overdo the keywords, as you can be penalized for coming off as too spammy.

-Focus on providing relevant, focused content. Sounds obvious but many people fail to do it. Stick to providing good value to your readers and you will reap what you sow.