Being an affiliate marketer is tough when you don't even know the
problem that you're trying to solve.

Affiliate marketing is basically where you the affiliate leads a
person to their solution; whether that would be a solution to
their acne, singing, or weight.

But if you don't necessarily know the exact problems that your
market is dealing with, then how would you know how to solve
their problem?

Let's face it, the acne industry is easy to follow along with,
but if you don't get low enough into the market to discover their
main problems, then nobody is going to buy that acne product from

So, let's take the singing niche into account.

Singers usually know how to sing right off the bat, but if you
know how to target their inner most deepest needs, you can talk
to them in a way that would cause them to buy your affiliate

In order to get down to what they are longing for most, try
visiting local forums on singing to get into the minds of those

On singing forums, most singers would express the problems that
they are dealing with the most like breathing, hitting the
whistle notes, or singing in their head voice.

These are all micro niches that will help you to find out exactly
what most people in your niche are really having trouble with.

Of course, some singers may not have such a great voice, but it's
those small little niches in the singing niche that can cause
them to buy the product you're trying to sell.

Maybe you aren't even selling a singing product?

Whatever it is that you are selling, before you actually create
websites related to the topic, don't go talking about general
ideas and only going for those ordinary keywords.

If you want to make good affiliate sales, you need to hit those
little trigger points where people are really in need of help
with; and the only way to do that is to discover those mini
niches through forums.