Ebay Pulse is a fantastic source of information about what is
currently selling well when researching products that you might
like to promote.

You can find the tool at http://pulse.ebay.com which will help
you to identify buying trends and what people are search for on
the auction site.

You can also view the products that are selling well by category,
which makes drilling down the the niche that a new blog focuses
on a breeze.

The huge strength that having access to this data provides you is
that you can quickly identify what people are looking for at the
product level, and it is likely that people will also be
searching on Google, Yahoo and Bing for the same items.

By making a list from Ebay pulse of products relevant to the
content of your blogs (whether you already have a blog or are
creating a new one), you can search using the Google AdWords
Keyword tool to find exact numbers of searches for each product.

Using Ebay Pulse to start your search will remove the trial and
error nature of looking for products with good search volume in
the AdWords keyword tool, so you can greatly speed up the keyword
research process.

Of course, someone searching for a specific product and model
name is highly likely to be ready to buy, much more so than
someone looking for a brand name alone.

Similarly, you will find the competition on the web to rank for
keywords relating to specific brand and product names to be very
easy, particularly if they are in markets which are not
associated with strong search engine optimization.

Markets with high competition tend to include electronics
products and online services, so staying away from these areas
will help you to find high converting keywords with low
competition levels to help you rank quickly.

Don't be afraid to try several categories in the Ebay Pulse
system, as you will be amazed what people buy, and it will give
you countless new blogging ideas.