Are you looking for a business that you can start online
for next to nothing?

If so, selling software is one of the best businesses you
can get into.

Software has created some of the wealthiest people on

Bill Gates may be the name the most people associate
with software development.

The good news is that getting into the software business
has never been so easy.

You can have cheap products created for hundreds of
dollars that you can make a lot of money with if you market
it properly.

An even better alternative would be to launch your own
affiliate business selling software.

While you might not be able to sell top of the line software
product names that you may recognize, there are still
plenty of viable options.

One of the first places you can look at is

While Clickbank is known mainly for their information
products, they're also become a great place to sell

You can find plenty of things like registry cleaners and
things to make your computer speed faster.

You can also find software for the stock market or
internet marketing fields that are easy to sell.

Just like information, software has a high mark-up
which is why they can offer high commission to those
selling it.

The best part about being an affiliate instead of starting
your own business to sell software are the headaches
in the customer support department.

As you know, not all software is perfect.

There are many problems and this requires a lot of
customer support.

This is something that most people don't want to deal
with, especially if they're not technical.

Instead, you can put up your link and collect a
commission and watch as the profits roll in.

You won't have to worry about costly development
or technical customer support as an affiliate.