If you're just starting out online, you're probably confused
with all of the opportunities popping up to make money.

In fact, it can be mind-boggling because there are so
many different opportunities pulling you in different

I'd like to tell you about a great way to make money and
have fun doing.

I am sure you've made someone else some money
without even thinking about it.

That is if you've ever been part of a forum.

There are forums on the internet for every field of interest
known to man.

These are places where ideas can be shared and
people can meet to discuss their interests.

More than likely, you're already a part of several

Little did you know, they might be making money off
of you which I'll explain later.

Forums are important because people can join them
for free.

If you do it right, you could have thousands of members
that frequent your forum on a regular basis.

These forum members can make you money if you
recommend a product you promote as an affiliate
that will genuinely help them out.

You can even use Google Adsense in your forum
to help generate income if you'd like.

However, you'll make a lot more money if you're
able to promote affiliate products because the
payout will be higher.

As I mentioned earlier, you only want to promote
products that will help people.

These can be either information products or
physical products.

If your members can see that you're only doing it
to make money they may be turned off.

This is why it's important to casually mention a
product that you've used and talk about why you
you think it could also benefit their life.

Another way to do it is to place ads around the
forum that point to affiliate products.

However, this won't be as personal and you'll be
less likely to make money with them.

If you're clever with your forum marketing, you may
even be able to live off of your earnings.