There are numerous online opportunities available to marketers
and ClickBank is another good affiliate program for digital

If you are just starting with affiliate marketing and does not
know what ClickBank is, it is about time to check out this site.

ClickBank is a popular online retail outlet that acts as a middle
man between the web merchants and affiliate marketers. It was
founded in 1998 and has paid more than 100,000 active affiliate
marketers since then.

Here are some of the things that you would love about ClickBank:

1. Wide Selection of Products to Promote.

ClickBank has more than 50,000 digital products. Choosing a
product in a particular niche that you are familiar with and
starting on a new campaign are easy to do.

2. Huge Commissions

As an affiliate, you would enjoy a high commission percentage
between 50% and 75% for every sale. Thus, it is definitely worth
your time to build a marketing campaign around a digital product.

How can a web merchant afford to give out such a high commission?
The simple answer is that they have a very low overhead in
selling a digital product through ClickBank.

Unlike with physical products, a web merchant does not have
inventory and shipping costs to consider. A buyer of a digital
product can simply click your affiliate link and download the
product from the merchant's website.

3. Encrypted Affiliate Link

ClickBank has a secure system in place that encrypts your
affiliate link or 'hoplink' to make sure that each sale is
correctly recorded to your account.

A 'hoplink' is the referral tracking URL that is connected to
your ClickBank nickname and the digital product that you have
chosen to promote.

ClickBank is an ideal place to start your home based business. To
become an affiliate, you will simply need to visit the site and
create a free account.