When it comes to affiliate marketing, many marketers tend to
focus strictly on information products like e-books and other
training courses.

While there is certainly a market for information products and
the commission rate for ebooks tends to be a higher percentage,
there is an entire world of physical products out there that many
marketers simply ignore.

Think about all the physical products that are purchased on a
daily basis both online and in shopping centers, including
electronics, furniture, pet supplies, exercise machines, and many
other everyday products.

That's the beauty of promoting physical products -- there is
really an endless supply of products to promote because there are
literally thousands and thousands of products that people

When it comes to promoting physical products, one of the best
choices is to use the Amazon.com Associates program.

Amazon.com is a great choice for promoting physical products
because so many people already use and trust this website, and
trust is a big issue when it comes to purchasing online.

You can focus on talking about your niche and perhaps providing
product reviews on your site and simply send people over to
Amazon.com to purchase the item, and most people will be
comfortable with this because they're already familiar and
probably already shop on Amazon on a regular basis.

The actual commission rate on each item isn't that great (about
5% to start and increasing up to around 8% depending on your
monthly sales volume,) but you can choose to focus on high-priced
items in order to make a decent commission off of each sale.

Many marketers like to focus on more expensive products (perhaps
over $200) in order to achieve a more decent commission, and they
also recommend focusing on products that have a number of
four-star or five star product reviews.