Article Marketing 101

Your guide to writing great articles that will get noticed, read, and get them to go where you want them to go.

This may seem like a daunting task but, after following some simple guidelines, you will find it quite easy to do. It will take work and some time to make it happen but after a while it will all come quite naturally to you. It all revolves around choosing the right keywords, having a clear purpose in mind when you start writing, and making sure you answer the right questions. It will also let the reader know that you are an authority on the subject matter and will ive them a reason and opportunity to take the action you wish them to take.

Article Marketing 101.1 Planning the article.

Having the right keyword or keyword phrase is crucial to the success of your article writing. Research what keywords would most appeal to your target market. Proper use of keywords will get you noticed quicker on search engines and help you get a higher ranking.

Plan the reason for the article and identify it's purpose. Keep this purpose in mind with everything that you do.

Gather as much information about the subject as you can and make yourself knowledgeable. Realize that your target audience may have people who have researched the subject extensively already. Even though you may not be able to share much information that they don't already have, they will know if you really do know your material. Make sure that your research is good and up to date.

Find out what questions are likely to be asked and answer them. Find out who, what, where, why, when, and how. Ask the right and pertinent questions and give the right answers.

Article Marketing 101.2 Writing the article introduction and opening.

Have an eye catching title that will stand out among all the others the reader is likely to have available. Write a strong opening paragraph that that will make the reader want to keep reading and that will let the reader know what it is they should know at the end of the article. The introduction and opening should be short and to the point.

Article Marketing 101.3 Writing the body of the article.

In the body of the article answer the questions that you found. Use your keywords throughout the article to make it easier to find, but don't do too much. As a rule use your keyword once for every 100 words. Don't use much in the way of technical jargon and abbreviations. Use what research you gathered citing sources where necessary. Always write from your target market's vantage point and try to write at their level.

Article Marketing 101.4 The call to action.

This is the point of the whole article. Everything that you have done should have led them to this moment. This is where you ask or tell the reader that they should click on the link that you provide or go to the place you want them to go. Don't assume that they will just go, give them a reason and tell them what is on the other side is something that they are really going to want to see. Once you have done this and learned to do it effectively, you will find your chances of success growing by leaps and bounds.