To bolster your marketing efforts, here are important offline marketing methods to
help you out.
1. Direct mailing is a method that is no less effective as it was before even with
the current popularity of emails. Direct mail comes in the form of flyers,
brochures, letters and postcards. You can also create your own hard copies on
your own printer to reduce costs. Mailing postcards are also cheaper than mailing
letters and fliers, so make sure that make use of this method to maximize your
One avenue where you can focus your direct mails is the brick and mortar
businesses. This is obvious for the fact that an actual physical establishment can
have offline marketing materials that employees can read at their own leisure. So
don't forget to include these establishments in your recipients list when you
distribute your direct mails.
2. Conducting seminars, workshops and symposiums can go a long way into
making your business more visible, and at the same time, showcase your
expertise on matters concerning your niche. If you are able to build a reputation
in the industry you're part of, word will spread, and this in turn will help make your
product a household name.
3. You can also advertise in newspapers and magazines. This type of offline
marketing campaign can cost you some money, so you'll have to tread carefully
and make use of your budget wisely. The key here is to choose the right
publications that will advertise your product. To do this, you have to pick the ones
that distribute their papers at a high volume. If local, pick those whose area of
distribution has a large population. Another important thing: since the popularity of the Internet, magazine and newspaper readership has dwindled, and I would
recommend having the ads printed only on Sundays to improve visibility.
4. Charity events are a great opportunity to showcase your product. As one of the
sponsors, your brand's logo can be displayed on all their advertising materials.
One rule of thumb is that your website's URL should be displayed as well. Do
this, and the amount of exposure your product will get will be considerable.
5. Finally, you can use yourself as your own product's advertisement, much like
what a mascot does for a company. No, you don't have to wear silly costumes.
Wearing a T-shirt with your site's URL printed on it, as well as a car sticker with
the same effect, should suffice. When you are your own advertisement, you can
execute your offline marketing campaign on a more personal level.