Getting started is requires some form of knowledge on sales and marketing. The
best way to start is to establish your own website for clients to order and view
your services offered.
To setup you own website, I’d highly recommend you register for a domain name
at Once you’ve registered a domain name, you’ll need web
hosting so you can upload your website. You can get web hosting for less than
five dollars a month. Go to to view their packages.
Once you’ve registered, you’ll want to setup a website for your offline marketing
business. You can simply setup a Wordpress blog which can then act as your
main homepage. Go to to learn how to setup Wordpress on
your website.
In terms of content, you’ll want to list your services, contact details, prices and
any other important details clients would want to know when hiring you. In the
next few chapters, you’ll learn what types of services you can offer, and how to
outsource them. But first, it’s ideal to get your website first before anything else.