Some affiliate schemes track the clicks you send to them for a long time and pay you not only on the product you promoted initially but also on their other products. This is obviously very attractive to us because it vastly increases the amount of money we can potentially make by promoting this persons product. Letís say, for example, that you sign up for such an affiliate scheme and the front-end product is a $10 eBook that offers 100% commission.

Somebody comes along, buys this product through your affiliate link and you instantly get paid the $10 into your Paypal account. Behind this front-end product is a related audio course that sells for $20 and pays 50% commission. This person decides to buy this product too and thus you earn an extra $10. Then, because the person has bought these products, they are added to their mailing list and receive follow-up and broadcast emails promoting their other products and services. The buyer in question buys a further 3 products from this marketer over a period of 6 months, for a total of $60. Their affiliate scheme pays 50% commission on each of these products too, so that means you receive an extra $30. If you can find a good affiliate scheme like this (and there are quite a few out there) then you can earn an awful lot of money just from promoting ONE product initially.