In recent years, instant payment affiliate schemes have become ever more popular. The advantage is simple: there’s no waiting around for affiliate commissions or relying on the product vendor to actually pay you what they owe you. You make a sale and it’s paid into your Paypal account: it’s usually that simple. WarriorPlus

The Warrior Forum has long been the largest internet marketing forum and its WSO section (Warrior Special Offer) has become a digital marketplace in it’s own right. WarriorPlus was set up to help people to sell their WSOs – and to enable affiliates to promote them. There are a huge variety of digital products available here – and many of them appear to convert extremely well because buyers can see previous buyers comments within the forum thread.

JVZoo JVZoo works in a very similar way to Warrior Plus. Most payments are instant BUT sometimes vendors choose to make delayed payments (so it’s always worth checking the details of the specific offer you intend to promote).As well as general downloadable products, you will also find some WSOs here too (some people use JVZoo over Warrior Plus for their WSOs). If it’s a WSO, it will have a little WSO symbol next to the item listing in the marketplace.

Pay Spree Ok, so that covers many of the well-know affiliate programs. But how do you choose a product to promote? This is one of THE most important stages of affiliate marketing… Choose the wrong product and you can spend a great deal of time marketing something which people just aren’t interested in buying.Equally, you could end up promoting a bad product – and this can seriously harm your reputation very quickly.