There are thousands of products online that you can promote as an affiliate, so choosing between them is a crucial part of being an affiliate marketer. First of all let’s look at some of the main websites where you can find products to promote: Clickbank

Clickbank is probably the most well-know affiliate network of digital goods. Clickbank specialises in downloadable products (eBooks, reports, courses, digital membership sites etc) – and there are lots and lots of different products you can promote.

Click onto the Marketplace and you’ll get some idea of the number of products available. In the ‘E-Business and E-Marketing’ category alone there are currently well over 2,000 products. You can click on each product and it will give you more information about it – a product description, sale price, percentage commission, average $ per sale, gravity etc. You also get a live link to the sales website of the product so that you can check it out (very important, as we’ll mention later). When you sign up for Clickbank as an affiliate you will asked to choose a unique Account Nickname. Then, when you have found a product you wish to promote, you simply click on “Promote”, type in your affiliate nickname and then you will be given your unique affiliate link.

By default, you don’t get paid for the sales you make straight away. What happens is that sales will be logged in your account – and then you are paid once your account balance reaches a certain level. They let you choose the threshold however – and you can currently set it at a level of between $10 and $1,000,000. After you have received two paychecks however you may be eligle to set up your account for direct payments. There are some terms to this however, so it’s worth checking them out at the Clickbank website.

PayDotCom PayDotCom is another of the ‘big’ affiliate networks who specialise in digital products.As with Clickbank, you don’t get paid instantly for the sale you make. Your sales are logged in your PayDotCom account and then you are paid your total commissions each month via Paypal (this comes directly from the product vendor).


If you’re interested in promoting physical products then one of the most popular schemes is run by Amazon. You can sign up at (USA) or (UK) As you can see, the commission percentages for physical products tend to be much lower than with digital products – but that doesn’t mean to say you can’t earn decent money if you know what you’re doing.

In this report however we are primarily going to discuss marketing digital products as in my experience this is where the most profit lays.