The use of keywords in article writing is mainly for the purpose of achieving top ranking in the
various search engines. It would seem that if keywords are the means to getting best ranking
then saturating articles with these phrases would be the winning approach. This is not the case
since doing so has been known to result in undesired results upon scouring the search engines.
The reason why this happens is due to the webmaster-developed algorithms which determine
those articles that are filled with relevant content and those that are not. The practice currently is
to have articles whose keyword content makes about 12 percent of the total word volume.
Articles that are deemed to have surpassed these stipulations are often faced with the risk of
being banned. Affiliate marketers who require SEO articles need not worry since there are
plenty of talented writers across the globe who are capable of inserting the right number of
keywords into an article while ensuring that the content is informative and seamless.
The basic guidelines for writing SEO articles therefore all have to do with how the required
phrase distribution is done. An ideal scenario is to have one or two keywords in both the starting
and ending paragraphs. All the paragraphs in between these two should have at least one
keyword depending on the length of the article. This may however be quite tricky when the
desired keyword is hard to insert by virtue of its wording arrangement. In such scenarios article
writers are normally offered the convenience of using both singular and plural forms of the
While writing keyword rich articles it is advisable to keep reading the article as it develops and
upon its completion. This is to ensure that coherence is maintained. The best articles are the
ones that keep the reader engaged from top to bottom in a way that they donít seem to notice the repeated phrases. Then again it is possible that the keywords are well distributed but the
core content isnít informative. Such an article may pass the algorithm test but will certainly flop
with the readers thus affecting the sales negatively.
Regardless of the difficulty that may be present when using keywords it will be
counterproductive to force the phrase just anywhere. This affects the whole article as
understanding the content becomes difficult. Again this is a good reason to hire a professional
SEO article writer. They do charge some money but this is easily recouped from the sales that