Never underestimate the importance of knowing what marketing methods are working and which ones aren't. That is why you need to fully understand the importance of internet marketing statistics. Many people think that this all sounds too complicated or like too much work, and it can be complicated, but you don't want to waste your time and money on marketing techniques that don't work, do you?

In order to make sure that doesn't happen you need to have an effective method in place to track your results and that is why you need to learn the importance of internet marketing statistics

One of the best choices for an internet marketer, and it's a free option, is to use Google analytics. The "Big G" can definitely be a pain in the butt for internet marketers with their seemingly never ending algorithm updates but they are also a great resource.

Google offers a ton of tools that webmasters can use to track the success of their efforts and Google analytics is one of those methods. All you need to do is sign up for a free account, click a few buttons and copy and paste some code directly on to your website. Google will show you how to do all that with their helpful tutorials.

If you are still lost you can copy the code and hire someone to install it on your site for you. The cost of that will be minimal. Just ask around in some internet marketing forums for help or for someone who will do the work for you.

Once you have the code installed on your site you can track the amount of traffic you are getting as well as where that traffic is coming from (there are many other metrics that you can track with analytics but these are two of the most common and important).

Once you have the code on your site and you have at least a basic knowledge of what you're looking for, you can then start tracking what is working for you and what is not.

For example, let's say that you have started making some changes to your website and you want to know which changes are resulting in more optins or more sales. How do you know? Well, you can look over the data that the code has provided you to see if a given change has resulted in an increase (or decrease) in traffic or sales.

One word of warning here though, when making any type of change to your marketing or your onsite seo or appearance, make sure you only make one change at a time. If you make several changes at once and you see a difference, good or bad, in the amount of traffic or conversions you get, you won't know which one of the changes made the difference.

You need to be able to focus in on what works and what doesn't so make only one change at a time and then wait plenty of time to be able to adequately gauge whether that change helped or hurt.

If your traffic went up, great, try something else to see if you can increase it even more. If it went down, go back to what you had before and try something else. This is why learning the importance of internet marketing statistics and how to properly make them work for you is so important.