If you aren't sure what is hot for internet marketing business today I have one word for you: Panda. You may have heard people doing a lot of talking about Panda lately and if you aren't sure what it is I will help you out. In this article I will explain what Panda is, whether it is a good or bad thing and what you need to do with your business to make Panda work for you.

Panda is an algorithm update by Google. It was actually implemented in early 2011 and it sent many people into a tailspin. There has been much written about in regards to Panda and, as you can imagine, not all of it has been accurate.

For this article on what is hot for internet marketing business today I want to start with the basics so if you're not sure what an algorithm is it is basically just the computer program that Google uses to define how websites will be ranked.

I'm sure you know that there are millions of sites on line and more everyday. All the search engines want to make sure that when you and I go to the search engine to find information on some product or service that we get just what we are looking for. They want our results to be as spot on as possible. To that end they are always tweaking their algorithms.

For us as internet marketers these tweaks aren't really a bad thing it just means that we need to stay up to date and we may need to make some changes to our sites and the way we do things so we don't lose any of our rankings.

One of the biggest things that came out of the Panda update was the way that people did article marketing. It was common practice that people would find a list of keywords associated with their niche market, write a bunch of fairly generic low quality articles (or have them written for them) and submit them all over to these huge sites called article directories.

The problem, at least according to Google, is that the majority of these articles were repetitive with little new information being presented and these huge article directories had millions of them.

That was a no- no as far as Google was concerned. For that reason many of these article directories suddenly found themselves on page 512 instead of page one. As a result their traffic went from a raging river to a trickle virtually overnight.

Scary, right? But it isn't all bad and it isn't the death of article marketing. You just need to learn how to do it better. Today the articles need to be longer for one thing. They should be at least 700 words long.

But that's still not enough, they must also be relevant to the topic at hand, they shouldn't be loaded up with mindless keyword phrases and they must be well written.

You should also make changes right on your website too. Add new content regularly and follow the same quality guidelines I just spelled out. In addition don't make your site all about keyword optimized content but rather just focus on a topic. If your site is about dog training make that your focus when creating your content.

For example, don't get so caught up on a bunch of mindless keywords: dog training for German Shepard's, Dog Training for Rottweilers, Dog Training for Poodles, etc.
Instead go for topics like: the best dog collars for dog training, should you use treats for dog training, how long does it take to train a dog, etc. See the difference? These are topics not just keywords.

So, that is what is hot for internet marketing business today. Follow these simple tips and you shouldn't have to be afraid of the big bad Panda.