In the field of dreams that everyone has there is an idea that if you build it big and pretty enough people will want to come to it, but that isn't an effective marketing strategy to use. You need to let people know what it is that you have and provide a way to get to it. You might even need to give them a reason to buy what you have. People aren't going to instantly see the value in what you are offering that you do. You will need to convince them that buying this will make their world easier and/or better. THIS is what effective marketing does.

Now obviously you want lots of people to come chasing after what you have to offer and the idea of going and chasing all of these people might seem like an impossible task. The truth is, it is nearly impossible for you to go and get every possible customer. Doing so would take much more energy and money than your product is worth, not that what you are offering isn't valuable. An easy and cost effective strategy is to go and tell a few people who see value in your offer who will then go and tell a few others about your offer, and let the cycle repeat itself over and over again. To be effective, your marketing strategy is going to involve giving as much incentive for people to spread the word about what you are offering as possible. This can come through offering free things, such as a newsletter, ezine, an ebook, or, in the world of IM, something that they can sell themselves and make a little money on. Find ways to add a cherry on the top of your deal. Even if you have a sweet enough offering for them, it won't ever hurt to add another bit of sweetness.

Search engines don't care how big or small you are, as long as you have things worded correctly in your offering. Simple but direct and to the point page titles as well as carefully crafted articles using frequent use of keywords pertaining to your subject can take your little site right to the top of all the popular search engines zooming ahead of the big dogs in the hunt for your customers.

Even using carefully chosen words for the title in the HTML coding can generate traffic. Search engines will use the title tags to rank sites so make sure that it contains two or three keywords that your future customers will likely be typing when looking for your product or service.

There are more ways that you can use the Internet for effective marketing of your product or service. Many cost quite a bit of money but there are also many ways that cost very little, if anything at all. Just remember that even if you have made it and it is the stuff that dreams are made of, they may not come unless you find some way to to effectively market it on the Internet.