What’s so special about Paydot.com?

We built Paydot with the understanding that every business could use an opportunity to participate in affiliate marketing. Paydot offers businesses this opportunity without the aggro. Forget the hassle that comes with using an in-house affiliate program, as well as high joining fees involved when joining an external network. Paydot is going to be 100% FREE to join and open to everyone!

We will provide merchants with the opportunity to launch and manage their own affiliate programs; running them their way. We will handle all merchant affiliate payments and provide an array of merchant marketing guides and tutorials; providing merchants with all the inside knowledge needed to excel in affiliate marketing.

You as a merchant will be given the flexibility to interact with affiliates, monitor reports, sales tracking, affiliate payments and on-hand support – everything is there! If you ever thought of launching an affiliate programme free of charge and risk-free, Paydot can make it happen!

Paydot works out cheaper than any other Affiliate Network or an in-house affiliate tracking software of any kind. Paydot has NO monthly fee, NO setup fee, NO annual fee or any other fee’s for that matter. You only pay when we generate you a sale. On sales you will pay your affiliate commission and a network fee. It gets better! In our Beta phase we are even dropping our network fee and so for the entire 2013 you only pay an affiliate commission.

For those of you who don’t know, every affiliate network charges their merchants what is known as ‘override’ or the network transaction fee. This is how affiliate networks make their money.

Here’s an example: If merchant X pays their affiliates £10.00 per sale on a 10% commission basis, the network then charges what usually is around a 25 – 30 % network transaction fee. The additional 25 -30% are then added on top of the commission, leaving the merchant with a total cost of £13.00 per sale, for a sale worth £100.00!

Starting out, we will only be supporting CPS (Cost per Sale) and CPA (Cost per Acquisition) functionality and reporting; but down the line we will be looking at CPL, CPD and CPC offers too.

Merchants will have total flexibility when setting commission rules; as well as unlimited plans, cookies, custom commissions for selected affiliates and much more. It’s worth noting that the more commission you as a merchant pay, the lower the network transaction cost will be.

Get an invite to the Beta…

One of the great bonuses to signing up with the Beta version of the Paydot Network is that as a merchant, you will not have to pay any network transaction fees in 2013. Following the ‘NO transaction fee offer’, you will only need to pay affiliate commission (when a sale is tracked) and the network transaction fee will not be introduced until 2014 – but ONLY if you join our Beta!

As stated above, at Paydot we will encourage all of our merchants to be as proactive and involved with affiliate promotions as desired - allowing merchants the opportunity to explore, learn and really understand this particular marketing channel.

A dedicated Paydot area in the buzzing Twist Forum has already been secured; where all of our merchants will be able to promote their offers to the Twist community (MoreNiche, PetOffers, Target Click) and other network affiliates.

Here’s a quick overview of what we will require from you to launch an affiliate programme with Paydot’s Beta version of the Network:

Step 1: Apply for the beta invite: Paydot Affiliate Network
Step 2: An invite will be sent to you on the day we launch the beta version of the Network.
Step 3: You will then be asked to go through a sign up process and select your campaign details.
Step 4: Once you are all signed up and logged in into the merchant area, you will then be asked to complete the following few steps:

a) Fund your account with a minimum of £150.00 to ensure that you have sufficient funds available to pay affiliates if, and when a sale is tracked. (This will be fully refundable should you decide that this is not for you!)
b) Install our tracking code on your order success page. (Documentation will be provided.)
c) Test the tracking via the use of a test sale.
d) ….and that’s it!

Upon registering, further access to what we have called a ‘DIY merchant section’ to learn how to attract and recruit affiliates will be just a few clicks away.

Ultimately, as with any Beta, there may be the odd bug here and there; rest assured all bugs will be addressed ASAP. More new features and reports will be introduced every month plus we are always open to suggestions!

Apologies for the length of this, but there was a lot to cover!

Get your invite to Beta from here: paydot.com

More updates will follow on our Google + page: gplusid.com/Paydot

Feel free to like us on Facebook: facebook.com/paydotcom

Something to bear in mind is that that this is performance based marketing; meaning you will only have to pay when a sale is tracked. This makes Paydot a totally risk free opportunity for any merchant wishing test out the affiliate marketing channel – Beta just made it that much better!