I found this site soft launching a BETA version of my website www.fbplayground.com and would like to interest those with large Facebook fan pages to promote my site.

The signup process is all Facebook App based, no forms to fill out. The conversion rate on the landing page is 20-50% (no BS try it yourself). This is what I was seeing when promoting it on my own fan pages. I continue to buy posts on big fan pages at the moment to get signups to my site.

You can signup, and then go to http://fbplayground.com/axMakeMoney.php to check it out.

I pay via paypal within 1 business day of payout request, minimum payout $100.

I pay different depending on which country you send, also pay higher for female traffic.

I have a very large budget for this. Check out my flippa profile to see my past transaction performance https://flippa.com/users/264769 if you do not trust me.