1. Articles:
Article marketing is one of the best way to promote products aswell as recieve traffic. Affiliates can submit articles to various article directories such as hubpages, ezine articles, buzzle, article dashboard etc along with a link to home page. Interesting articles can get popular and would work as word of mouth publicity for the product. Readers could be enticed into clicking on the product link, earning commission for the affiliate.

Topics for such articles could be anything related to the product or the industry.

2. Blogs:
Affiliate website should be equipped with a blog where affiliates can add regular posts about the product and the industry. Creating content on a regular basis will secure a high position in the search engines ultimately leading to high traffic. If the blog becomes popular it would be a great medium for publicity.

Commenting in other people's blog would help in drawing attention to your own site.

3. Forums:
Affiliates can start threads in forums and stimulate discussion about their product. Active participation in other forums related to the product is also an effective way of getting noticed and talking about own product.

4. Social Media:
Social Media refers a wide range of socializing actvities over internet. It could be social and professional networking or social bookmarking. Affilites should sign up in the social network and talk about their product. Social media is known to be the best form of word of mouth publicity media. Digg, delicious, stumbleupon, orkut, linkedin, twitter etc constitute the popular social media.